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Aperiodix Wall Tile


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Aperiodix Wall Tile

Aperiodix Wall Tile


Aperiodix is a tiling system designed for decorative wall surfaces designed by Ben Sandell, Situ Studio, Geoff Sosebee and Eric Weil for Oso Industries.

The system is based on a set of three triangles that can be laid out in an aperiodic, or non-repeating, pattern which results in unique and constantly changing compositions. The Aperiodix system uses these three triangles and their mirrored shapes for a total of six unique tiles. The face of each triangular tile has a 3-dimensional undulating surface that always matches the neighboring tile, no matter which pattern is followed. The tiles are inscribed with 1/8” wide grooves across the surface that creates a smaller field of the same three triangles and mimics grout lines between individual tiles, thus resulting in an illusion of a mosaic. The tiles are cast in integrally colored concrete and are available in four colors; custom colors are available upon request.